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The Weasels, The Brave and the Cowards (September 20, 2006 12:45 PM)
Posted by: Good Will
There is something that been sitting in the back of my mind that I want to share with you folks. We sit behind computers typing back and forth to each othet, insulting each other and playing word games. Debate is great but it works only if it is know go forth toward it and try to understand each other. And let me tell you how the other side sees you.

The Weasels.
Those of you who use any excuse to justify what goes on, judging things not according to their merrits but based on who has done them. You are the people who see nothing but themselves and who feel like if one does not agree with them that person must be squashed and shown wrong not MATTER THE COST!!!

The Cowards.
You are those who recited the pledge of allegiance and looked at teh flag like the piece of cloth represents what you believe in. You forget that this country greatness comes from the ideas we hold. You are drop those ideas in an instant. How dare you call yourself an American if you think that any persons right to even have a fair trial should be taken away. How dare do you call your self freedom loving if you dare think that is ok to imprison a man in a jail with no charges just so you would FEEL better!!!

The Liars.
Some of you are just liars. You know it and you do not care. For you the ends always justify the means. That is how you are and you are unwilling to change. You are the reason the constitution was written. And in your opinion it stands in your way.

The Ignorant.
Some of you simply do not open your mind to even a notion that there maybe someway than your own. That is very sad.

The Brave and the Silent.
You hold your ideas to be true and you can even see the bull that is coming yet you remain silent for then you believe those ideas you believe will go to waste. So when your beliefs are hijacked and missused, you are are stuck in a loop. On one hand you do not want to betray your ideas, on the other hand you do not believe the other side will support it. Make a choice!!! Thats the only way out of your stupor!

The Stupid.
Some of you are just stupid. Here is how you can tell. If you hear and see yourself acting yourself as if you are on a playground. Name calling would be one of you.

Most of you are of more then one of teh describe and more. Many of you are caring, understanding, and kind. That only brings joy to my heart.

But think whether you want your children to live in a world where torture is ok, where military tribulnals decide if one lives or dies. Where more money goes to military rather then education.


Citizen of USA.

The Weasels, The Brave and the Cowards (September 21, 2006 9:43 PM)
Posted by: Logipundit
The inane, the pointless, and the verbose...

Never in all of my blogging and reading political thought have I read anything quite as replete with idiocy, and quite as void of an actual cohesive thought.

Maybe I shouldn't judge you based on this post...perhaps you've had a bad know what?...I'm going to operate under that assumption and give you the benefit of the doubt, because if this post wasn't created under some psychological stress (are you being tortured?) then there's no hope for you anyway.
The Weasels, The Brave and the Cowards (September 22, 2006 12:03 AM)
Posted by: Good Will
Describe yourself then, and please if you can, do not say things without backing them up. I would love to see what a person from the opposing political camp thinks.
The Weasels, The Brave and the Cowards (March 6, 2008 3:26 AM)
Posted by: Pat Green
I think this is an apt description of many of the poor "debaters". I think that this many have been better without expressing the writers view on the issues. In doing so, some feel as if they are being attacked and become defensive without reading the good points. I would like to see a companion piece on good debaters. Well done over all.

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