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Catch-22 (September 28, 2006 11:08 PM)
Posted by: Good Will
Do you know what a catch 22 is? Here is an example. You are locked inside of a room, the lock opens from the outside, and the only key there is in your pocket.

Or a better example is a suspention of habeas corpus for all of us. I say all, because the bill that was passed does not limit itself to non-US citizens. The definition of a terrorist was left very broad and includes domestic ones too.

So habeas corpus. You are sitting around you house when police breaks in, and arrests you claiming that you are a terrorist. You are shaken, but you believe that it will all be cleared up.

So you are in jail, sitting around, then you are transferred to another jail. You ask for a phone call to your lawyer and told that since you are not charged yet, you do not legally have one. As you screem that you are an innocent American citezen, the door slams leaving you in the dark.

What do you do? Now you see the right of habeas corpus allowed you to demand to see the judge so you can at least ask for bail and to see your attorney. But alas you have none of that.

But why did you get arrested in the first place? You see as some man captured in soem distant country was tortured, he yelled out your name just so the torture would stop. How did he know your name? Who knows....who knows....

And since evidence obtained through torture is now admissable in court it goes. Of course the government does not yet has a case against you, all they have now is an admission cried that was cried out in pain.

But it does not matter. Legally they have not charged you so they need not prove anything. Meanwhile everyone is probably safer if you are nicely tucked away in jail. Next to murderers and rapists.

Everything I just discribed is now ACTUALLY legal.
Whether you believe this will happen or not is irrelevant!!!

It is actually leag to do this to you!!!

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