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Cartoon on reparations for slavery (April 24, 2007 12:27 PM)
Posted by: AFFER MAYS
THE COUNTRY OWES THE DEBT. The negative attitudes towards Blacks in America were born through slavery. Changing attitudes is what needs to happen, this is how it can. First, the equivilant of forty acres should be PAID, NOT GIVEN to all African Americans who were 18 years of age when the Civil Rights act was implemented. Keep the mule. This can be done with open land, foreclosures, and Hud homes. Not everyone wants bare land. Second, all the contributions of African Americans to the development of this great country should be added to all history books K through 12. Input correct information, change the thinking (attitudes). Third, Change the deffinition of NIGGER in the dictionary. There are many more niggers in this country than there are dark skinned people. Lastly, an apology from the sitting president for the horrible (government condoned) things that have been done to African Americans since before the establishment of this great country. What do you tell your kids, when they want to do something that you don't approve of, but there friends parents allow.

Cartoon on reparations for slavery (June 18, 2007 8:34 AM)
Posted by: James Bradley
Whew - what you need to go, is make a trip over to Holland, where most of the business arrangements were made to haul slaves from the Ivory Coast, Morocco and other ports of call from the African continent..
Cartoon on reparations for slavery (June 24, 2007 3:30 AM)
Posted by: Steven McAllister
Hmm...while on the topic of giving stuff back to people who were screwed over by the US, how about giving the indians their land back? They had dibs on that 40 acres first, I'm afraid.

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