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Cartoon on the possible recession (August 2, 2008 8:33 PM)
Posted by: for reals
Ya , Jimmy Boy..........I don't know why I keep getting overdraft charges.....Cause I still have checks.......Must be why the bank is forclosing my home....hmmmm..... gas is now peeking at 4.50 a gallon..... didn't I read that the war in Irag is taking 50% of my taxes to fund the war in Irag??????HMMMMM And didn't gas double in price once the war in Irag started??? Your children must be too young to even care....I guess once the war comes to the states........maybe you will care when you attend the buriel of one of your children ...and then might you realize these cartoons might not be so funny .... Ever hear a 21 gun salute while you ar standing at a loved one grave site?....maybe it might not be so funny..... This Happens to a lot of Americans.......Makes you think.....doesn't it???

Cartoon on the possible recession (August 11, 2008 10:40 PM)
Posted by: Invader Jim
Ah it's been so long since I've posted here. Now I remember why. This post is pretty stupid, but I am actually commenting on it, so I guess that makes me the stupid one. Anyway, here we go...

Foreclosures are in large part due to giving loans to people who shouldn't have qualified. Yet another bubble that burst.

Gas never peaked at $4.50, it peaked in July at $4.15. And gas didn't double since the war started. Otherwise we would have had $3-$4 gas back in 2002. But the price DID nearly double since the Democrats took control of Congress (though I am intellectually honest enough to admit it's a specious argument).

8% of spending funds the wars in Iraq AND Afghanistan. (and defense spending per GDP is lower than the historical national average)

And finally the whole point of fighting the War on Terror out there is so it doesn't come to the states. Defeat them there, before they come here (again).

Still, I am amazed how the libs can somehow turn something about high taxes to be about "children" dying at war. Is the point that taxes are not high enough? Or that no one may comment on any issue ever, so long as there is a war?

Now dare I see what else has been discussed in the forum by crazy liberals, or do I call it a night? (or a month? or a year?)
Cartoon on the possible recession (April 5, 2021 1:04 AM)
Posted by: Crazy Pete
for reals, do you need a hug?

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