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Cartoon on Kerry running as a centrist (November 16, 2012 1:11 AM)
Posted by: Agnew Here
Well, pretty much describes Mitt Romney's campaign as well...

Cartoon on Kerry running as a centrist (November 16, 2012 1:21 AM)
Posted by: Agnew Here
If Mitt had been a _true_ conservative, we would have won this election for sure. This centrist-compromise approach simply does not work.

The Republicans in the House should rather stick to their guns - no compromise, not at all. It should be "No! No! No!". Let's block every single piece of legislation that comes out not from either a Republican or a Tea Party Member.

If nothing gets done at all - we will be in a much better position to gain control of the Senate as well in the Midterm Elections - voters will always blame the ruling party and in this case it will turn into a strong vote against this radical marxist party known as Democrats.

No abortion, no Obamacare, no gun control, no gay marriage, no feminist and race-based discrimination against white people any more, strictre immigration legislation and a doing away with all these stupid environmental reguations that curtail and endager the creation of jobs and economic growth! No to all climate change and evolution theory lies, a ban on flag burning, mandatory school prayers, no more minimum wages, more money for the military and a strong stand against all the other countries that are against us.

Only this will bring the US back to the rightful position as world power Nr. 1 - God's chosen people is us, and those beatnicks here in our own country are a stumbling block. Spiro Agnew would have talked them back the right way!!

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